• Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Meet the Himba:

    A morning or afternoon activity lasting for a maximum of 4 ½ hours. Clients will leave Khowarib in one of the lodge’s vehicles along with a driver/guide and head to one of the local Himba villages. They will be introduced to the Himba people, and the guide will thoroughly explain their way of life, traditions, and history. Clients will be shown around the village and have the opportunity to enter one of their homes and see what a normal Himba day consists of. Clients are invited to ask as many questions as they wish which will be translated by the guide and photographs are also encouraged.  Towards the end of the visit the Himba may display some curio gifts which guests are free to look at and try on and then purchase if they wish to do so.

    Duration: Half Day: 4 ½ hours max

    Included: Mineral Water.

Khowarib Lodge & Safaris offers guests a true outdoor getaway, providing luxury Kunene Accommodation set alongside the Hoanib river and in the beautiful Khowarib Gorge of North West Namibia


Khowarib Lodge

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