• Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Welcome To Khowarib Lodge & Safaris

  • Nature Walks/Birding:

    An afternoon or morning activity. Clients and guide will leave the lodge on foot and head down into the Hoanib riverbed in front of the tented chalets. The walk will head upstream and along the way the guide will identify and explain to guests any tracks and trails that they come across as well as the vegetation/landscape and birdlife. Guests are encouraged to bring binoculars, so they can be involved as much as possible and a camera to take photographs. There is the possibility of seeing game; however, the walk’s main emphasis is on birdlife and flora. If clients wish to choose the Bird focused walk instead of the general nature walk, below is a list of a selection of birds that can be seen in the area

    Duration: Approx 2-3 ½ hours

Khowarib Lodge & Safaris offers guests a true outdoor getaway, providing luxury Kunene Accommodation set alongside the Hoanib river and in the beautiful Khowarib Gorge of North West Namibia


Khowarib Lodge

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